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Baseball Rules

Know the rules!

Find the links on the right for all Issaquah and National Rules documents. Rules for the upcoming season are updated around the end of February. Little League International Rules are copyrighted and available for purchase on their website.


Issaquah Little League Local Rules - In general, Little League rules govern play, except where specifically modified by Issaquah Little League in our local rules.

Read the general section which applies to all divisions, then read the specific modifications to Little League Rules for your division.

Useful links: Pitch Count Log, Line up Card

A summary of the local rules differences per division can be found here.

  • Illegal Bat - a batter is out for illegal action when the batter enter's the batters box with an illegal bat or is discovered having used an illegal bat prior to the next batter entering the batter's box.
  • Minimum Playing Time - manager's not meeting minimum playing time rules will be penalized up to and including suspension.
  • Uncaught/Dropped Third Strike Rule (MAJORS ONLY) - If the catcher drops or misses strike three, the batter can run to first, unless occupied with less than two (2) out, and must be thrown or tagged out


Here are some important highlights of the pitch count rules:

  • Pitch counts do NOT include warm-up tosses, practice pitches or throws to any base.
  • Pitch counts DO include pitches that hit the batter, are fouled off, or hit into field of play.
  • Any pitcher with 40 or fewer pitches in the game may play catcher after pitching. With 41 or more pitches, the player may NOT play catcher.
  • Any player who plays catcher in more than 3 innings is not eligible to pitch for that day.
  • Pitch counts must be tracked by each team and verified after each inning. Have a parent track each pitch for all pitchers of both teams and compare with opposing team pitch counter between innings - every inning. Home team is always the official book.
  • You can use the Issaquah Local Pitch Count Log to track pitches by player.
  • Pitch counts by player must be reported using Bonzi Team within 12 hours after each game. Contact your Division VP for further information.
  • Once the game starts, pitch counts from shortened or delayed games due to weather or darkness must be reported.
  • Baseball scorekeeping is a short-hand record for each at bat in the game.
  • More questions - see the Pitching Rules FAQ from Little League.

Little League has some clarifications of rules on the web site.


This rule is in effect for the entire game site which includes the common areas and beyond the outfield fence.

On game days, the only batting practice allowed (unless you are in a batting cage) is with whiffle or pickle balls. A whiffle ball or pickle ball has many holes in it to limit it's flight and momentum. Use of any balls without holes in them (even plastic ones) are not allowed. The use of pop up nets or any other device to hit hard balls, dimple balls, jug balls, etc. are not allowed.

Everyone hitting whiffle or pickle balls must be wearing a helmet. The use of hitting sticks or any other stationary hitting device is allowed but must be supervised by a coach or parent and the player must wear a helmet.

During the game, the only person allowed to hold a bat in their hands is the hitter. There is no on-deck swinging and the on-deck batter cannot hold a bat in their hands until they have become "the batter".

Bat Information

New bat rules applied to Baseball only as of the 2018 season. Softball bat standards did not change. Any non-wood bat used prior to the 2018 season is no longer permitted for use in Little League baseball games or practices.

All bats used in Little League baseball games or practices must have the USA Baseball mark. One-piece wooden bats without a mark are permitted.

Visit the Little League Baseball Bat Information page for more detail on the new standards and the rationale behind.


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