Is there a Safety Manual?
Yes, the Safety Manual is reviewed and distributed at the pre-season coaches' meetings. All teams must have a copy of this manual in their possession during practices and games.

Please Note: Each Manager / Coach is required to send someone to the Safety Clinic.

What about the Washington State law around Concussions?

Each Player, Manager, Coach and Umpire read and acknowledged their understanding of the Concussion Information during registration. For more information, visit the CDC youth sports concussion information page.

Are there forms for collecting information in case of a problem or accident?

It is required that an Incident/Injury Tracking Report Form is filed with the League Safety Officer withing 48 hours of any accident or injury that may require medical attention. Refer to the Safety Manual for reporting instructions.

The Incident/Injury Tracking Report Form will help Issaquah Little League understand the source and frequencies of accidents and injuries so that pro-active steps may be taken to continually improve safety for our players, coaches and umpires.

Are there any additional baseball/softball safety resources available?

Please visit International Little League for further information:

Additional Forms available in PDF format

What is expected of players, parents and coaches while participating in Issaquah Little League events?

Issaquah Little League maintains a code of conduct that we ask all players, coaches and parents to sign and follow. Parents, players, coaches and volunteers who fail to meet the standards in the code of conduct may not be allowed to participate in Issaquah Little League activities.

Incident/Injury Tracking Report Form
ILL Concussion Information Form
ILL Safety Manual
ILL Code of Conduct

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