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    2020 Season Information - Baseball and Softball

    Posted Sep 19, 2018

    2020 Key dates and information:.

    * Online Registration will begin on November 1st, 2019, with discounted fees for early registration through December 31, 2019.

    * Early Registration Fees Per Player:

    Baseball - A, AA ($150) AAA, Coast, Majors ($195) Upper Divisions ($265)                                                                        Sotftball  - A, AA ($125) AAA, Coast,  Majors ($175) Upper Divisions ($240)                                                                             Co-Ed T-Ball ($100) - No Early Signup Discount

    * There is a $30 Non-Refundable Fee for all Registration Cancelations.

    * Skills evaluations for baseball and softball will happen in late January and early February. 

    * Registration for competitive divisions will close in mid-February after which players will be waitlisted.

    * Registration for instructional divisions and t-baill will close in March, after which players will be waitlisted.

    * Practices and games will begin in March and April depending on your player's age. 

    * For general informatoin about Issaquah Little League baseball and softball, visit our Questions page

    * Get information about how Issaquah Little League is organized into competitive and instructional baseball, softball and t-ball divisions based on players' age and ability.  

    * Still have questions?  You can contact the Issauqah Little League board via emil at info@issaquahlittleleague.org.


    MARINER CAMPS 2019 - Summer Camp Opportunities for BASEBALL and SOFTBALL

    For More Information go to https://www.mlb.com/mariners/fans/camps



    Bat Information

    New bat rules applied to Baseball only as of the 2018 season. Softball bat standards did not change. Any non-wood bat used prior to the 2018 season is no longer permitted for use in Little League baseball games or practices.

    All bats used in Little League baseball games or practices must have the USA Baseball mark. One-piece wooden bats without a mark are permitted.

    Visit the Little League Baseball Bat Information page for more detail on the new standards and the rationale behind the