With our continuing emphasis on training and practice, our Director of Coach and Player Development put together an entire series of practice plans for all age groups of Little League baseball. Each is a Microsoft Word document so you can edit, cut, paste and put together your own custom version - or just start out with the sample plan. Practice Plans


For those that attended the Safety Clinic, you may have been reminded that the Bellevue Parks fields do not have Little League approved safety bases. You will need to swap out the parks' bases with the safety bases prior to games and replace the bases when you are done. The safety bases can be found in the shed at the LCP and LKMT fields. There is an arrow on the base showing the direction they need to be installed/pointed. Terry Dodd also painted the corners orange that face the mound. Please be sure to put the saftey bases back in the shed after you are done. These bases cost the league $500+ a set.


Find all the Issaquah Little League Safety information for Coaches on our web site. Be sure you are familiar with our policies and especially the concussion safety information. Safety information for hte 2019 season will be published before practices begin in March.


Issaquah Little League has operated a Junior Umpire program successfully since 2009, our Junior Umpire program as received rave reviews from players, managers and parents year after year. Having Junior Umpires necessitates we strictly enforce the ZERO TOLERANCE policy for managers, coaches, parents and players talking back, chirping or arguing calls. Umpire Information


Issaquah Little League maintains a ample stockpile of baseball and softball equipment for the use of all teams. Coaches in need of equipment should contact the league equipment manager.