T-Ball Division

2019 T-Ball Teams

Team Manager
Angels David Keller
Athletics Josh Gallagher
Blue Jays Michael Gottlieb
Brewers MaKara Reed
Diamondbacks Dave Macaluso
Indians Dustin Martinka
Mariners James Jones
Marlins Adam Leicht
Mets Erika Nohavec
Rockies Scott McClellan
Bryan Tomlinson
Royals TBD


The following table is a summary of T-Ball Rules. Please refer to the Rules page for more detailed information.

# of Innings 4
End of Inning Each player bats once.
# of Fielders All players (max 6 infielders)
Minimum Play Every player shall play the entire game.
Pitcher Batter hits off a tee
Pitch Count NA
Baserunning No steals. Runners stop once the ball has been returned to the infield. Runners may circle the bases on last batter.
Advanced Baserunning No bases may be taken on an overthrow.
Batting Bunting is not allowed
Scoring Scores will not be kept
Time Limit 4 innings or 90 minutes, whichever comes first.

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Program Details
Calendar of Events
Team Formation: By School / Area
Managers Named: early-March
Teams Announced: mid-March
Events per Week: 2
Practices Start: end-Mar
Games Start: early-April
Reg. Season Gms: 12
Total Games: 12