Team Manager
Cardinals Tom Wagner
Indians Matt Brown
Marlins Carlos Ortiz
Orioles Nick Vovakes
Royals Scott McFeron
Tigers Geoff Graves
Yankees Trent Tsuchikawa
Rangers Jeremy VonBargen

Upcoming Games

There are no upcoming events.

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Calendar of Events
Late Registration: Second week of January
Skills Evaluation: Last weekend in January
Team Formation: Skills Evaluation / Manager Draft
Managers Named: late-January
Teams Announced: mid-February
Events per Week: 2-3
Practice Start: early-March
Reg. Season Gms: 15
Tourney Format: Pool Play / Single Elimination
Tourney Games: 8
Tourney Start: mid-May
Championship: June 11th
Total Games: 20
All-Stars Announced: N/A
All-Stars: N/A